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Folamour presents: House Of Love

Folamour & NUET presents:


House Of Love


House Of Love is French DJ & producer Folamour’s new jewel. A label built around one idea: to create an environment for you to dream.


House of Love stands for a culture, a state of mind and a shared passion for music. An environment where the sky's the limit and dreams can come true.


This project starts with specific cities and places that have a historical background that share the values of House Of Love.


It is a whole new experience, out of time, where emotions and senses are activated. A safe space to dance and share.


H.O.L's aim is to spread values and a positive message in a festive way, to give an experience that will impact new and old generations. A place to embrace a moment of harmony, goodwill, and madness with a careful selection of music.


- Folamour (FR)





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