Support and communication about the effects of the corona virus on event companies and organizers

No organizer could have predicted the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus. Neither could we at Nortic. We are in a whole new situation with failing audience support, canceled or postponed performances. Of course, there are worries about the future and perhaps even the survival of one's own business. We sympathize with you!

Your ability to provide magical experiences is a prerequisite for Nortic's operations as well. To help in this difficult time, we, together with our strategic communications agency Mustasch, have identified and developed various initiatives that can support you.

Free support

Hands-on tools to use for communication with customers

Flexibility for your customers.
Ready-to-use formulations

Here you can find ready-made formulations that you can use in whole or in part to communicate further in your own channels. This is general information about how you handle the effects of the coronavirus, aimed at both customers and employees.

Crisis planning webinar
Crisis planning webinar

Take part in the crisis planning webinar organized by Riskplan on March 18. Here we discuss what you as a small and medium-sized business can think of and how to act during the current corona crisis.

Do you as an event company / organizer need customized support regarding communication and law?


Social information related to the corona virus whose content affects you as an event company or organizer

Summary of the government's crisis package for Swedish companies and jobs

The government is continuously presenting new measures to mitigate the economic effects of the virus outbreak. Of course, being well-informed about the opportunities available for financial support is important. That is why we have summarized the most important links here.

Read more at the Government of Sweden's website

Targeted support to the cultural sector and sports movement

The cultural sector and the sports movement receive SEK 1 billion in extra support due to the economic consequences that affected the sectors as a result of the spread of the new corona virus.


Reduced employers' contributions and rent support

A temporary reduction in employers' contributions will be proposed during the period 1 March - 30 June 2020.

Read more on the website of the government of Sweden

Short term leave

Short-term leave can reduce wage costs by over 50% and enable you to retain your staff.

Read more on the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's website

Liquidity enhancement

Liquidity boost through tax account where 3 months VAT and payroll tax can be retroactively repaid and where deferral can be granted up to 12 months.

Read more on the Swedish Tax Agency's website

Risk assesment

The Public Health Agency of Sweden's support for risk assessment of events with less than 50 participants.

Read more on the Public Health Agency of Sweden's website

Customer behavior

Follow the graph that shows when customers are inclined to purchase tickets again

The Corona crisis has made consumers more restrictive about buying tickets for events in the near future. With the help of data that shows how far before the event start the customer buys a ticket, you can get an indication of when the ticket buyer believes that the situation has stabilized, and thus have better conditions for planning your business.

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Customized support

Individual support for you as a single organizer



Our strategic communications agency Mustach has already helped and helps ongoing operations with their crisis communication regarding the corona virus (Covid-19). If your business would be helped by the answers to any of the following, we recommend that you contact Camilla Erlandsson at Mustasch Advertising Agency for quotation. At 0790-060125 or

Examples of issues you can get help with:

  • What messages are most important for your particular business to communicate? With the goal of calming down and getting customers to dare to attend / return to your events?
  • How do you best manage cancellations? For example, can they be converted to rebooking?
  • How do you communicate with your staff and / or subcontractors, with the goal of being clear and creating a common drive for survival?
  • What texts need to appear on your websita and social medias?
  • How do you reduce the pressure on your customer service (via both mail and telephone) regarding answering questions about how you as an organizer are completing your events?


If you have legal questions regarding the application of the force majeure clause, claims from clients etc., we recommend that you contact Amber Attorneys in Karlskrona for tailored advice at 0455 34 11 00, or